water reverie.

between the real and imagined ideal

We’ve been watching devastating realities, where countless people and animals lose their lives trapped by the fire and devastated by smoke. Having the problem of forest fires this observation consists of an opportunity to (re)think a sustainable element, born from an imaginary awakened, capable of minimizing risks and triggering means of prevention.

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The Flames have brought darkness. A gray and dark scene creates an undesirable landscape. Our Utopia Island suffers every year due to this problem that requires a new study and a new thought in fire prevention. And, it is up to us, beings of the present, to fight for such future. From Plato to the present, the human being has searched for an imaginary, a different topus. This desire to imagine progress, to dream of reaching the 'unreachable', to think of a different world, has allowed the evolution of the human being and our Utopia Island. Utopian thought as a moto for change and generator of new concepts, places and practices, imagined in a flawless future. Therefore, it is mandatory to return what was lost.

The strategy consists of various towers, with three different typologies, in the forest of Pedrógão Grande, Portugal. Using the sacred geometry, Metatron’s cube. That Regulates the flow of divine energy, which contains all the geometric forms of creation and represents the beginning of the creation of the universe, of all physical matter. The towers are capable to interact with the environment, collect water from the river and from the rain and communicate with each other through their height and gps network. Therefore, the tower has water investigation spaces, a cistern connected to the river, an operational center command for the firefighters, spaces for the community, spaces for drones and serves as a shelter for the people. This water collected is stored in the cistern and in the spheres. A water sphere and a cloud sphere. The lower sphere, with approximately 240,000 liters of water, can supply 50 fire trucks. The other sphere is capable to create raining clouds, in order to restrict the danger. The contact between liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen would cause the formation of rain clouds. Also, drones, with gps satellite systems, could throw sodium iodide into the clouds to accelerate the rain process. When the alarm is triggered, through a funicular system, that allows counterbalance displacement, the water sphere moves down to supply the fire trucks, and the cloud sphere moves up to release them, also serving as a warning and communication alert. The others typologies, simpler, only have water tanks, observatory, vigilant house, drones, helicenter for the helicopters and serves, also, as a shelter for the community. To the memory of those who passed and fought, a memorial is imagined on an island, in the middle of the Zêzere river. A memorial that comes to pay tribute to the people and to the nature, creates a cloud every year, on 21 of June. The day that the fire of Pedrógão Grande was extinguished. This desire to imagine the future is born of the need to innovate the present. We are made of dreams.