Double exposure

the complex layering of domesticity

An intuitive, personal and narrative research* about a Swiss vernacular house, a family and the design possibilities opened up by reading a domestic environment as a layered identity. I created possibilities for solitude in the midst of coexistence, elevating the physical reality to a layered domestic atmosphere, connected to its dwellers.

Image work detail

I partook in the studio Grand Tour inspired by the 17th c'y custom of a Europe trip; an exploratory, educational journey, a coming of age ritual. We had to undertake our own solo-trip. It was meant to extract our already inherent vision on architecture, to help us determine where we stand in this broad field. In my opinion, understanding and being able to identify your own fascinations and aspirations is crucial in order to be able to make a meaningful contribution, however big or small, to the field of architecture. For when you have to trust on your own judgement completely, knowing what subconscious striving it is based upon, is essential.

DOUBLE EXPOSURE* the complex layering of domesticity *multiple images projected onto one frame; an exposure to the multiple layers of reality at once “Am Nest kann man sehen was für ein Vogel darin wohnt.” [By looking at the nest, you can see what kind of bird is living there.] Muntac, the mountain village with my aunt’s family home; where my uncle still lives, even after their divorce. I analyzed their domestic environment and translated it into six identities, together forming a new reality; connected to/representative of the one of its dwellers. THE SCRIBAN [Old-Flemish writing desk; could be opened/closed] The window with the desk of my aunt in front of it. A corner which only comes alive with her presence. The scriban opens up, broadening her mind. THE ALCOVE [Sleeping recess in the wall with a bed and a curtain] The window with the sofa of my uncle in front of it. A corner where he secludes himself, looking down at the path and its walkers, to find rest. THE CARYATID [Female shaped pillar] The column with the fireplace, chaise and bookshelf. An ode to the mother figure as structure who supports you, keeps you warm and sheltered; who bestows you with wisdom. The invisible, yet noticable connective force of a family. THE SHUTTER [Just what it is. Intuitive. Natur(e)-al.] The inside-out dinner table, which is closed in winter to provide shelter for the cat, but opens up towards the terrace in summer. It stands for the intuitive actions, daily life, the instinctive connection with a nature-oriented way of living. THE VEDUTA [ Very detailled landscape painting] The window through which you can see both sunset & sunrise, but only if you stand still for a moment and turn your head, else you walk by without ever noticing; as it often goes in life. A place of conscious reflection; of taking the time to stand still; of awareness of temporality, the passing of time. THE WINDOW [Framed view] The door to the terrace frames your vision, lures you, like a window would. Intuitively you’re drawn to the crack of light, which opens up to a view of the mountain flanking the house. A place to stop and stare; to connect with nature.