Urban open spaces - A prospect to redefine Tundikhel

A prospect to redefine Tundikhel


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The city is deprived of public parks and playgrounds, which are supposed to be the integral part of modern cities.The major issue is the encroachment from all sides on Tundikhel. Only one-sixth of Tundikhel is open to the public today while other pockets of Tundikhel remain figurative spaces, under either institutional or military control, or on controlled access. Accessibility of this site is very poor. Only one entrance is open for public. Segregation of Tudikhel- no accessibility to public in Tundikhel Army control area.Toilet facility is out if its boundary area.The pathways for pedestrian around Tundikhel are narrow.Beside all, none of the authority is concerned about the management of waste.

The inspiration of the design process was an analysis of the changing traffic situation and the land use condition. The vehicular movement around Tundikhel does not seem to be logical. Due to the long stretch and the one-way traffic system, one should drive more than 2 kilometers to get to the opposing stream of traffic. Thus, relocation of the road to almost middle of the long stretch exhibits three benefits. First, it reduces the distance between two opposing streams of traffic. Secondly, this helped to create two different types of open spaces-park area and open space for public. Thirdly, the pedestrianization of the road between Ranipokhari and Ratna park made the connectivity between these two spaces. The proposal integrates land of Tundikhel allocated for public and the area of Sainik Munch as a single open public space without any barrier. The number of entrances are increased which makes it easier for people to get access to Tundikhel from any direction, entrances being near to overhead bridges. The design proposal focuses on following key qualities: 1. Access and linkage - convenient to use, visible, easy to get to and move within;2. Uses and activities - providing a reason to be there, vital and unique;3. Comfort and image - safe, clean, green, full of character and attractive;4. Sociability - fostering neighborliness, friendship, interaction, diversity, pride