Skyscraper as an Urban Factor of Railway Environment


The project presents 67-storey building –“skyscraper” type with the adjoining 20-storey office tower connected with common rostrum of four levels –“mall” type.The building has seven underground levels –two of which are with public function and the other five –undergound parking lots and 60 over- ground levels distributed in three modules.

Image work detail

Four entrances to the building are set apart aiming to make people pass through more easily.Two loading platforms will operate the underground parking.Automated overground communication is constructed in order to connect the public rostrum and the skyscraper with Central Railway Station Sofia.

Bulgaria appears on the map more than 13 centuries ago! On a crossroads where The East meets The West .,civilization and mysticism, and there it expands -the biggest city in Bulgaria and its capital as well -Sofia. founded thousands of years ago,today it continues developing and becoming important cultural and economic center of the country. 1.Economics; 2.Urban area; 3.Environment; 4.Culture and identity; 5.Transport communication; 6.Human needs; 7.Government These are some of the prerequisites for selecting the topic for the diploma work and the position of the building. The Northern part of the city is considerably less developed than the Southern and central parts. The favourable lay of Vitosha mountain to the South appears as a precondition for vastly more developed districts along the South catenary(arc) of the city and the concomitant parks and squares. The appearing of a building with such a large dimension will revive significantly the Northern part of the city and will form the necessary secondary center ,having in mind its size.According to geological researches this is one of the most appropriate areas in Sofia for constructing such kind of buildings and facilities. One of the most essential communication junctions of the city –Knyaginya Maria Luiza Boulevard is very close to the terrain as well as Central Railway Station Sofia and Cental Bus station Sofia opposite it ,where railway,metropolitan and bus transport interweave.This is one of the main preconditions for locating the building at this exact area.The junction is of national significance-it fulfills the land transport connections of national and international dimension. The main concept for elaborating “ KEHAYOV TOWER “ was provoked by the need of constructing a new city centre in the Northern part of Sofia.. “ KEHAYOV TOWER “ is meant to be an attractive cultural center ,where people can: -inform themselves -reveal themselves -dream -express themselves through: -reading -music -dancing And all other events which will turn this building into their second home. Thank you for your attention! Architect:Aleksandar Kehayov