Hybrid architecture in the project of a new model of submarine

Carapace yacht/submarine

Carapace, inspired by the reticular superstructure that covers the bridge, it is a hybrid model between a submarine and a luxury yacht; it links beauty and comfort of a luxury yacht, privacy of a submarine.

Image work detail

This project is the result of my thesis work in Naval Architecture course at the Sapienza University of Rome, The main aim of this project is to investigate this hybrid yacht in the field of nautical experimentation. Many studies have been conducted, but it does not exist yet a real formal fusion between them. Several companies now sell private submarines. The object of my research, is on 80 meters submersible superyacht, both for pratical, constructive, and logistical reasons. Carapace consisting of 3 tween decks and a deck, and for the great attention to the interior design projected also for passengers with limited motor capacity.

This study has presented many difficulties because currently there are no similar ships on the market, also due to the confidentiality clauses that are required by the construction companies. Carapace consists of a lightweight aluminum superstructure that acts as a brise-soleil and overtops the deck with its organic configuration, an external hull and an internal resistant hull that, in addition to supporting the structure of the ship, it supports the hydrostatic pressures in immersion and for these reasons assumes a spherical shape. Proceeding from the bottom to the top, for each of the decks of our ship we have: THIRD DECK (h: 1.85 mt) there are the tanks and all the service rooms, the main electric motor, and the main thermal engines as well as the batteries used by the submarine during the dive and hydrogen boxes ensuring minimal space for inspection and maintenance. - SECOND DECK (h: 2.25 mt)there are the crew accomodations, the kitchen and the meeting room. - UPPER DECK (h: 2.45 mt): it hosts the whole area for guests, from the wellness area, the VIP cabins, and the living area. - EXTERNAL SPACES: open bar, solarium, helipad, living area. The limited space required particular care in the location of personal spaces, in the type of artificial lighting to be adopted, in the choice of materials and coatings, in the tactile and olfactory sensations that these materials can transmit. The attempt was to recreate a reassuring space with innovative forms and traditional materials: an innovative and counter-tendency effort on today's luxury mega yachts, while it finds its place in the new private luxury Jet projects. From the spatial point of view, we tried to limit the feeling of being inside a closed and limited space also thanks to domotics, which allowed the environments to spread outwards perceptively through a display system that use the technology OLED. Following the graphic design, a structural check with the data and calculations made necessary to confirm its feasibility.