City of Fatigue

The Musings via Spatial Odyssey

Function-based city we are living in enables us to live in comfortable circumstances by all those functions. Despite the usability city offers, gaining fatigue consistently by repeating our daily function-oriented routines seems inevitable. Maybe it's time to be lost in meditative environment to be relieved in city of fatigue.

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There is no doubt that architecture can be existed only when 'function' -which enables one's or society's necessity- is in need. This simple correlation between architecture and function always have been and always will be. It's true that 'function' enriches our lives with convenience and efficiency but at the same time it seems inevitable that living in a function-oriented city can make us feel fatigue by repeating endless loop of daily routines. This project is devoting itself to answer these following questions -'What is necessary for the city of fatigue besides function?', 'How can we be relieved when we are fatigued?'-. Being lost in meditation through spatial odyssey might be the answer.

It's not too much to say that 'function' is translated into 'architecture' and 'architecture' is organized to form the current 'city'. This function-based city offers various functions to enrich our daily lives with convenience and it seems that there is no other needs to satisfy. Besides convenience of function, this project starts from the situation that people are being fatigued by endless loop of daily routine. If city gives you fatigue continuously, city will be 'city of fatigue'. As I think architecture ought to be a good public toward the society, this project decides to make well-balanced city with a sense of duty. This project is proposing that setting out on a journey like a character in novel can be a way of getting out from function-based city and endless loop of daily routine which gives you the fatigue. A journey full of spatial experiences -spatial odyssey- will lead you to feel free from your everyday life. It's doesn't mean that escaping from the reality is an answer, it means that finding one's composure who is fatigued is absolutely necessary in the current 'city of fatigue'. While designing, distinctive environment contrary to function-based city is in need, therefore function-less site -Bamseom(islet)- has chosen to be the environment of spatial odyssey for the fatigued. The most important thing in this site is to feel and meditate by own way through built-environments. These environments won't compel you to do something, they only lead you to follow your heart and feel relieved. During your spatial odyssey, you'll face monolith group of towers, see lights pouring from the upper part of towers, walk through endless path of tranquility and stand at the crossroads by getting lost in the labyrinth. As there are no fixed actions to do and emotions to feel, you may make a confession of your life, pay a silent tribute and start your adventure in the labyrinth like a character in novel. While you are feeling the spaces with your heart, you'll find yourself meditating, meeting the composure and finally being relieved. If you are fatigued, it's time to go on your own spatial odyssey to find your composure.