Genesis of a place towards the project

A library for Pispala

This work aims at clarifying the design process for a Library in Pispala, Tampere, Finland. Highlighting the thematic variety and the methodologies used while questioning the essence of the building and the spaces that compose it. What should a library's essence be?

Image work detail

Pispala is a unique location where the gradation of the land falls to frame lakes and woodlands around the site. Few opportunities exist within Tampere where one can witness this perspective of the lay of the land and observe the discourse between city and nature. Pispala it is known for its lakes, for its saunas. It is clear, that the main goal in this project is the replication of the site’s essence into the design. In the end, this library is a key part of Pispala’s overview. A gathering point. An icon. A rock settled between two lakes.

The library aims to be an eulogy to the landscape of Pispala. The essence for the interior spaces, as well as the final form of the building, are a consequence of these sensations that interior and exterior share with this landscape. The proposed building is then, high enough so the two lakes can be observed. Outside, the main entrance is placed in the lower level, facing the main street. The building façade, casted light-grey concrete, emphasises the contrast between the greenish ambience of the trees and the deep blue of the lakes in the summer, thus in the winter it fades, becoming as white as the snow. Light bounces into the interior spaces. Each time the building is open to the landscape, the windows define and control the degree of light and shadow within the space, creating an introspective atmosphere in a universe of wooden bookshelves. The landscape is framed in every floor. Different perspectives inhabit each window. Either it is possible to be facing a single tree as it is possible to be contemplating the general views in all of their splendour.